A regular weekend outdoor activity on „Nagyrét” of Margaret Island!

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Come and join us practicing yoga

Ashtanga yoga classes on „Nagyrét” of Margaret Island, Zielinski Szilárd sétány, Budapest, 1138. The series of event launched with great success last year continues this year too. Donation yoga classes - please, donate us, thank you.

WHERE? Classes are held in the close proximity of a large sycamore tree on “Nagyrét” of Margaret Island, in the green area between the Water Tower – the Open Air Theatre and Danubius Health Spa Resort of Margaret Island. If you arrive by bus No. 26 (the only bus line on Margaret Island) you should get off at the stop called “Szállodák” (Hotels) and walk towards the water tower. Around the centre of the green area there is a sycamore tree, it is our constant "usual place".


Outdoor classes will take place every Sunday from 11 a.m. and according to the hours indicated in our timetable. Classes can be held according to the weather conditions. If it rains the class is cancelled. Information about such cancellation can be found in our Facebook group at the latest in the morning of the given day. Here: FACEBOOK group of „MARGITSZIGETI JÓGA” [LINK] 

- A cikk a kép után folytatódik. -

1138 Budapest, Margitsziget Nagyrét, Zielinski Szilárd sétány

1138 Budapest, Margitsziget Nagyrét, Zielinski Szilárd sétány1138 Budapest, Margitsziget Nagyrét, Zielinski Szilárd sétány


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Primarily enthusiastic amateurs opened to dynamic yoga style who also want to do stretching and strengthening exercises are (also) expected to the classes. Experience in practicing yoga is (an advantage but) not required, feel free to bring your friends too. Here you can log on to the current weekly classes under the menu item of events: FACEBOOK group of „MARGITSZIGETI JÓGA” [LINK] 

- A cikk a kép után folytatódik. -

During an ashtanga yoga class...

we warm up with sun salutations which are followed by standing and sitting poses, then finally the asanas of the closing sequence. We hold asanas for 5 deep breaths and linked them to each other by the elements of the sun salutations, it is what we call “vinyasa”. This makes the practice dynamic.

Yoga essentially means the effort made to calm down the mind that is why it is very important to maintain the smooth and loud breathing. It is also important to sweat as much as possible because the more you sweat the more you enhance the detoxification process in your body which is the main purpose of the first series. This way we clean our organs, our tissues from toxins, thereby creating a perfect foundation for our health.


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About the Instructor

The classes are held by Anasztázia Judit Tóth (Nati) but this year the events will already be more colourful thanks to guest instructors. Beside ashtanga yoga, Nati also holds vinyasa flow, agni yoga, hip opening, back bending, yoga therapy, jin yoga, hatha yoga (for beginners, strengthening, dynamic), senior yoga, spine mobilisation yoga and stress relieving yoga classes too. [LINK] 

It was more than 12 years ago when I had my first experience with yoga. During my years in college I practiced hatha yoga and pranayama. At that time the complex effect of yoga (physical and mental health care, balance) had already manifested in every field of my life. That time some other sports filled out my free time (at the beginning ballet and folklore dance, then for nearly 10 years dance competitions then aerobics and running). According to my experience I have had so far ashtanga vinyasa yoga is the most effective method of development; due to my practice I experienced a complex, profound and extensive transformation almost in all areas of my life.

I consider yoga as a way of personal fulfilment whose important part is asana practice which can not be separated from the philosophy. Yoga causing profound changes teaches me to overcome the idea that I consider myself as a physical body and helps me to cope with my fears. I believe that every little effort can be rewarding and that from practice carried out with steady enthusiasm and “from an attitude of contentment unexcelled joy is obtained.” (Patanjali: Yoga-Sutras, 2:42)

Tóth Anasztázia - Nati Phone: +36 20 272 1681

Information for the first time…

Bring something that you can put on the grass under your body, for example yoga mat, polyfoam, a blanket or a towel. You should need some water; it is enough to bring a bottle that you can fill with water at the nearby drinking tap. You can bring some snack, for example some fruit or some light, c

Kattints ide és folytasd a beszélgetést!

Kattints ide és folytasd a beszélgetést!


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